The Princess and the Pea, as a Cucumber Feature

Kent Beck tweeted:

User story: “As a princess I want to confirm my royalty so I get bruised after sleeping on 40 mattresses over a pea”. Just tell real stories”

That sounded so much like a Cucumber feature that I decided to write it as one:

How to make Machinist and Autotest coexist

If you’ve tried to use Machinist and autotest (part of ZenTest) you have probably seen this exception that prevented you from using it:

It’s discussed in the machinist Google Group as well.

It’s because of a wacky hack that’s part of Machinist that overrides so you can do, but ZenTest expects to do what it does normally.

I have a fix for this.
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Using RVM to install REE 1.8.7-2009.10

I’m trying out Ruby Version Manager this week, and my first impression is that this is some cool technology. But I wasn’t able to figure out how to get it to install an older version of REE to get around this bug (the “Marshal.load reentered at marshal_load” issue).

Igor P’s solution is correct (just install REE 1.8.7-2009.10), but it took a little fiddling to figure out how to get RVM to use the older version of REE. Here’s how to do it:

Proper Error Handling in Rails Controllers

Rails controllers can get out of hand if you’re not very careful. Skinny Controller Fat Model is a great start. But what about handling errors? Isn’t it enough to just let Rails catch your exception and show a 500 Server Error page?

No, it’s not. Falling back on 500 Server Error for everything outside of the “happy path” through your code is sloppy coding.
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A Cucumber step to test for a YM4R Google Map

I had some problems with a view in a Rails app that was conditionally hiding a Google Map that was generated using the YM4R plugin. I don’t usually test views in unit tests, and this logic depended on a particular situation with the data behind the view, so I decided that this would be a good candidate for a Cucumber feature.

Here’s the Cucumber step implementation I wrote.
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