CentOS 5.3 Minimal VPS Install Guide

I just did this yesterday; you can pretty much just follow my CentOS 5.1 Minimal VPS Install Guide.

The differences are:

  • When you get to the “More Minimizing” section, yum -C grouplist will show a package called “Yum Utilities” which you probably want to leave installed.
  • The Deployment_Guide-en-US file is not there so you don’t need to remove it.

That’s it.

I should also note that downloading a 3.9GB DVD ISO image in order to build a ~700MB installed OS may not be very efficient. I didn’t bother looking for a network installer but that might be the way to get this done faster.

CentOS 5.1 Minimal VPS Install Guide

I’m working on a project that is deploying on CentOS 5.1, and I found it not entirely obvious how to install a really stripped down server, as a starting point for a lean and mean, hardened production server. Since I’m doing work on this at home on VMWare, and it’s being deployed on a VPS initially (and probably will remain virtualized for ease of management as it scales up), this guide is specifically aimed at this kind of configuration.

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Leopard GUI Crashes – Not Parallels but Canon?

I had some serious Leopard stability problems recently. I thought I had found the problem but I was wrong then.

This time I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten rid of all the badness. I’ve had almost 2 days of continuous uptime, which may not sound like something to get excited about, but it sure beats the 4-6 hour average uptime I’ve had for the past few weeks.

I’ve spent so much time on this that I’m not willing to put in the extra 4-8 hours it would take to really truly isolate this issue. But my best guess is that it was the Canon drivers for my recently purchased Canon PIXMA MX310 multifunction printer. Specifically I think it’s the scanner driver, but I’m not certain. If so, that would mean that the culprits were BJUSBLoad.kext and BJUSBMP.kext in /System/Library/Extensions.
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Ubuntu Linux 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” Upgrade Report

A few weeks ago I updated to the latest version of Ubuntu Linux. This is the 7.10 (meaning October 2007) release, called “Gutsy Gibbon”. I encountered a couple of serious issues early on, but now that these are resolved things are running well. I’ll describe the issues and solutions so that anyone else encountering them can easily overcome them.
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