How to make Machinist and Autotest coexist

If you’ve tried to use Machinist and autotest (part of ZenTest) you have probably seen this exception that prevented you from using it:

It’s discussed in the machinist Google Group as well.

It’s because of a wacky hack that’s part of Machinist that overrides so you can do, but ZenTest expects to do what it does normally.

I have a fix for this.

I sent notahat a pull request via GitHub, so hopefully it’ll be merged by notahat into the official machinist gem, but until that happens you can try mine. I published the gem as JamieFlournoy-machinist to

Try ‘gem install JamieFlournoy-machinist -v 1.0.6’ and see if it works for you. It does for me with ZenTest 4.2.1, autotest-rails 4.1.0, and a Rails 2.3.5 project.

(my machinist fork on github)

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