First public release of my AvantiConveniences gem

21 03 2009

From the README:

AvantiConveniences is a set of convenience code for Ruby on Rails applications.

ArgChecks helps you implement simple sanity-checking of arguments, like
permanent assertions or a poor man’s Design by Contract facility, so you can
write code that will Fail Fast (see

HashExtensions currently just adds the Hash#rekey method.

StringExtensions provides String quoting (not escaping) with single quotes,
double quotes, or a caller-specified quoting character, and a String#dehumanize
method to do the reverse of the String#humanize method provided by ActiveSupport.

TextFormatter provides methods for hyphenating words for word-wrapping.

URIExtensions provides URI::Generic#query_from_hash, which will create a URI
query string from a Hash.

If you haven’t done this before:
gem sources -a

sudo gem install JamieFlournoy-AvantiConveniences

See also: the AvantiConveniences GitHub project page.



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