Sphinx Search init script for Centos 5.1

Sphinx search is pretty new, and as a result I was unable to find a nice convenient package for it for CentOS 5.1. This is problematic since there is no init script included with the source tarball, and the issue of updating the index is the sysadmin and developer’s problem, and cannot be configured to simply update the index when the data changes.

The second problem (updates) is one I punted on; for now I have a cron job rebuilding the entire index every 5 minutes, which will probably be replaced with something smarter and lower-latency at a later time.

The first problem (no init script) is easy to solve, but apparently nobody has done so for CentOS 5.1 and published it. So, here is my CentOS 5.1 init script for the Sphinx Search server. It is known to work with version 0.9.8-rc2.

BTW, the alternative solution to the problem of a daemon not having a System V init script is to just put some extra junk in /etc/rc.local. That is the quick and dirty solution, and is undesirable for several reasons:

  1. You can’t easily stop or restart the service, because it’s not a service as far as the OS knows; it’s just some junk in a script that got run a while ago.
  2. You can’t use chkconfig or its GUI cousin with the creative name, The Services Configuration Tool, to control it and tie it to specific runlevels.

(System V runlevels and init scripts are useful, even if you don’t need all of the runlevel functionality. The stop/start/restart PID stuff is useful by itself.)

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