OmniGraffle Pro and Subversion

I’m working on wireframes for a startup company, and I’m using the excellent OmniGraffle Pro to do it. Of course I’m keeping all my artifacts in Subversion. But there’s a problem: OmniGraffle sometimes changes a file’s format from a single flat file to a “bundle”, which is a directory that Mac OS X pretends is a single entity (as is seen with all the .app bundles in the /Applications directory). OmniGraffle bundles contain a file with a hideously awful filename, which I’ve seen in the old Classic MacOS if I remember correctly: Icon^M. Like, 5 characters, 5th is a carriage return. Subversion can’t check it in, svn:ignore can’t ignore it. Ugh. Here’s the fix: Using OmniGraffle with Subversion without Sadness

2 thoughts on “OmniGraffle Pro and Subversion”

  1. I use the command-line svn client.

    I don’t think any extra slickness is necessary for graphics files, unless someone wants to write a special diff tool that can show the changes in a binary file (i.e. a JPEG or PSD or .graffle diff viewer). That would be useful but it shouldn’t be built into a version control tool in my opinion (it should be a standalone tool that a VC tool could use for diff viewing).

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